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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

It is very common after childbirth or a serious weight loss for the muscles of the abdomen to lose their elasticity making the stomach saggy and unattractive causing the patient to feel unhappy with their image.

Abdominoplasty improves the waist line and lower abdomen by tightening up the folds of excess skin, whilst removing most of the stretch marks.

When the fat deposits are just below the navel, a mini-abdominoplasty may be performed. This is less complex and entails less scarring.

The procedure
Abdominoplasty is always carried out under general anaesthesia with 1 or 2 nights stay. Your anaesthetist will monitor your progress until you regain consciousness.

An incision, very similar to a caesarean, is made just above the bikini line from hipbone to hipbone. The excess fat and skin are removed, the muscles are tightened and the skin is pulled down to create a flat abdomen and the your naval is subsequently repositioned.

Soft Liposculpture can be combined to reduce localised fat areas giving a better overall result.

The day of the procedure
On arrival at the hospital the receptionist will admit you and routine medical checks such as your temperature and blood pressure are carried out.

You will then change into the theatre gown and remove any cosmetics, jewellery, glasses or contact lenses before meeting the surgeon.

Most frequently asked questions

Is tummy tuck for me?
Patients who would benefit from tummy tuck are women who have had multiple pregnancies resulting in sagging skin and women and men who have had a serious weight loss particularly in the tummy area.

Often a person of normal weight is unable to reduce and tighten the stomach muscles by simply dieting or exercising. An abdominoplasty solves the problem.

When will I see the results?
Soon after surgery the tummy will be bruised and swollen. Bruising normally goes by the third week whilst the swelling can take up to 4 months. Even though you will see a difference immediately, the final result can take up to 6 months. The majority of patients opting for a tummy tuck have revealed that the psychological benefits have exceeded their expectations.

Because your waistline can gain a more attractive shape, you will find that your self-esteem and confidence will increase as a direct result.

When can I start my normal activities again?
Rest at home the first week after surgery. Recovering time varies from patient to patient , but it is usually between 4-6 weeks. After 10 days you can resume most of your normal activities except for swimming, tennis, golf or any other strenuous exercise.

What is your surgeons’ experience?
All surgeons introduced to you by Continental Medical Services Ltd are fully registered with the General Medical Council and are NHS trained and approved. They operate in fully registered private hospitals. Their qualifications can be viewed on request at consultation.

Would I have any scars?
The incision is made in the bikini line, running from hip bone to hip bone. Small scars around the newly positioned naval are likely to be slightly visible.

Are there any associated risks?
There are inherent risks with abdominoplasty as there are with any surgery. The plastic surgeons are, however, highly qualified and complications are rare and usually only minor. The complications that may occur are a reaction to the anaesthesia, infections or poor healing of resultants scars. You should discuss any concerns you might have with your surgeon before your procedure is performed.

After surgery?
During the first few days you can expect to feel sore, swollen and numb. Medication can control this and should be taken as prescribed. Since the skin of abdomen has been stretched, it might be difficult for you to straighten up for the first few days.

Is the initial consultation free?
Yes, it is free of charge. Simply call 0870 043 3859