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Soft Liposculpture

Soft Liposculpture is the latest and most advanced method for fat removal. At Continental Medical Services Ltd all surgeons are trained with the method invented by Professor Y.G. Illouz, the French plastic surgeon and inventor of Liposuction –1997, and by Professor P. F. Fournier, the inventor of Syringe Liposculpture.

Liposculpture has been perfected after several years making the ‘liposuction’ method obsolete. This latest technique has proved to be a more efficient and superior procedure that gives spectacular results.

Liposculpture is an excellent treatment for body contouring; i.e. small fat cushions from the hips, stomach, belly, outer thighs, inner thighs and inner knees can be permanently removed. As this technique is so gentle, areas such as the double chin, calves and ankles can also be treated.

The procedure
Under local or general anaesthesia. Prior to the treatment, the surgeon will mark the areas which need treating. He will then introduce, through a microcannula, a special liquid ‘LDI’ (which increases the safety and makes the procedure virtually bloodless and painless) which will blanche the flat cells. This process takes 5 to 8 minutes. The liquefied fat will subsequently be removed by hand.

The surgeon is able to carry out his work in a very precise manner with a thin ‘SDI’ cannula or ‘LJ’ syringe and not with a rough extractor as with liposuction.

Because the Surgeon is working by hand, he is able to achieve results that were not possible before using the old technique. The removed fat cells will never come back; your new shape is permanent and the skin will adapt to your new shape, giving you a clear lift effect.

The benefits of Liposculpture

  •  Liposculpure is performed under local anaesthetic allowing you to leave a few hours after surgery (general anaesthesia is also available on request).
  •  The result is highly precise and superior to any other procedure because the symmetry is measured with the graduated bags (liquefied fat).
  • Liposculpture causes less bruising and swelling.
  • More fat can be removed from the same area (with Liposuction only a maximum amount of fat can be removed because of bleeding).
  • The incisions are so small and whenever possible are made on the skin crease leaving hardly any visible scars.
  • There is no age limit and all types of skin can be treated. Soft Liposculpture can also improve liposuction results.

Are there any risks?
There are inherent risks with soft Liposculpture as there are with any other medical procedure, i.e. dental treatments.

After the procedure
A compression garment must be worn for 4 weeks after the procedure to allow the skin and tissue to adhere again. The final result may be seen within 3 months when the patient is due for a check-up.

Most frequently asked questions

What is Soft Liposculpture?
It is the latest method for the removal of localised areas of excess fat that previously proved resistant to diet and exercise. Soft Liposculpture can remove those unwanted curves permanently in about one hour, under local anaesthetic leaving you with the shape you have always wanted.

Who is suitable for Liposculpture?
Women and men:

  • who find it impossible to reduce their shape and size with regular diet and exercise;
  • who have unwanted fat deposits;
  • with bodies which are out of proportion;
  • with general, moderate weigh problems.

Soft Liposculpture improves your figure by removing fat cells from various areas of your body. It is not, however, a slimming method.

The most common areas for this treatment are:

  1. Hips Waist
  2. Back Back and front thighs
  3. Inner thighs Outer thighs
  4. Ankles Calves
  5. Abdomen Buttocks
  6. Outer arm Inner arm
  7. Double chin Chest

Is fat removal permanent?
Yes. The fat cells will never come back in the areas that have been treated.

When will I see the result?
At the end of the procedure you are able to see the amount of fat removed. Although the final result is normally apparent within 3 months, most patients can see a difference almost straight away.

When can I start my normal activities again?
Each individual is different, however, most people can return to work within 2-3 days.

What is your surgeons’ experience?
All surgeons introduced to you by Continental Medical Services Ltd are fully registered with the General Medical Council and are NHS trained and approved. They operate in fully registered private hospitals. Their qualifications can be viewed on request at consultation.

What is lymphatic draining massage and is it necessary?
It helps you to make liquid accumulation disappear faster and is normally carried out by a physiotherapist.

Is the initial consultation free?
Yes, it is free of charge. Simply call 0870 043 3859