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Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

The most suitable patients for face lift are those with jowls, loose neck skin and general saggy appearance on the face and neck.

Face lift will give you a fresher, more youthful look. Most patients have revealed that the psychological benefits have exceeded their expectation.

The procedure
Under general anaesthesia with 1-2 nights stay. Your anaesthetist will monitor your progress until you regain consciousness. After your procedure you will be taken into your room where you will start recovering.

Incisions are made on both sides of the face from inside the hairline keeping the resulting scars as inconspicuous as possible.

The loose skin is then elevated and the excess is removed. The muscles underneath are also tightened at the same time leaving you with a smoother and firmer skin to the face and neck.

This procedure is very often combined with a laser facial resurfacing when wrinkles are more pronounced. The surgeon will advise you on this at consultation.

The day of the procedure
On arrival at the hospital the receptionist will admit you and routine medical checks such as your temperature and blood pressure are carried out.

You will then change into the theatre gown and remove any cosmetics, jewellery, glasses or contact lenses before meeting the surgeon.

Most frequently asked questions

Is face lift for me?
Face lift is suitable for men and women with wrinkled, loose, saggy skin to the face and neck. If your wrinkles are very pronounced, laser facial resurfacing can be combined with a face lift in order to give you a much younger appearance. During consultation your plastic surgeon will decide if you are a suitable candidate and will advise you accordingly.

When will I see the results?
Even though you will be looking bruised and swollen, physically you will be feeling fine a few days after surgery. As the end result is not instantaneous, this could leave you feeling slightly down after the operation. However, this is quite normal and as you begin to recover, the result will be become apparent.

When can I start my normal activities again?
After surgery it is important to avoid strenuous exercise for 3-4 weeks. Your surgeon will advise as appropriate. You must ensure you attend your follow up appointments to make sure that the incisions are healing as expected and there is no infection.

What is your surgeons’ experience?
All surgeons introduced to you by Continental Medical Services Ltd are fully registered with the General Medical Council and are NHS trained and approved. They operate in fully registered private hospitals. Their qualifications can be viewed on request at consultation.

Would I have any scars?
The resultant scars are inconspicuous because the incisions are made on either side of the face from inside the hairline.

Are there any associated risks?
There are inherent risks with face lift as there are with any surgery. The plastic surgeons are, however, highly qualified and complications are rare and usually only minor. The complications that may occur are a reaction to the anaesthesia, infections or poor healing of resultants scars. You should discuss any concerns you might have with your surgeon before your surgery is performed.

After surgery?
During the first few days you can expect a certain amount of bruising, swelling, pain or discomfort which can be eased with mild analgesic.

Is the initial consultation free?
Yes, it is free of charge. Simply call 0870 043 3859